Talking to the walls

Don't mind me--it's just another day to avoid reflection, to engage in deflection not answer the phone or check the mail, because it's just another day of the same questions over and over from the same faceless drone in an office 200 miles away, getting cocky with impatience It's not my fault you don't know [...]


Night Things

A fly buzzes just above the kitchen sink I don't want to smack him just yet The cat watches and chatters like crazy with frustration Her prey is just beyond her reach When she swats it, stuns it, eats it In less than a second I understand how fast life can change And it goes on [...]

Book draft episode 5

I made my way through the throngs of tourists at the market, nodding at some of the vendors I knew.  The heat was not quite oppressive but the addition of suntan oil, perfume, sweat and that lovely velvet humidity made me more than a little short-tempered.  A fat family of tourists completely blocked my way. [...]

Book draft 4

The sun was slanting through the windows by the time I finished outlining my characters, specifically the character lounging in my Queen Anne at the foot of my bed. Her robe was mine. Her slippers were mine. She sipped the last of my Johnnie blue, swirling the dregs in the old fashioned glass. My mouth [...]


The house grew dark, heavy with portents and omens Not a breath of air stirred outside in the descending gloom a pause, a holding of the world's breath Thunder marched with cannon booms from thirty miles out, then twenty miles out and then it was on top of the house, descending with a majestic roar [...]

April showers

 a gauze of memory  wraps my day in a warm cocoon when it gets too shitty outside to keep putting up with shit I remember how the sun coming through the oak leaves made bright splashes on the grass and how they would disappear like magic when clouds floated by I remember the oozing mud [...]