Neighbors are the best people

BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, the house vibrated with each beat. Jane cocked her head, startled. "What's that noise?" I told her it was a car speaker booming somewhere close. "A CAR SPEAKER!" "WHAT??" I walked out on to the porch and the next door workers were blasting from a truck as they threw trash into the [...]


Talking to myself, again

"I'll never amount to anything." "My whole life has been a failure." "I'm no good at anything." "Screw it.  Might as well drink a beer and wait to die."   How many times have I had that creepy negative refrain playing in the background of my brain? How many times have I NOT had that [...]

National Poetry Day

Every night now I wake up at 3, 5, and finally, at 7:30 am Of course, at my age, that's not so bad But the reasons for each startled wakefulness vary with the hour but each time has the same feeling of dread the same balloon of anxiety in my stomach, so I turn on [...]

Jesus saves. Moses Invests.

Religion isn't always moral. The hurricane emergency in Texas isn't just a natural catastrophe. It is also a moral crucible by which religions are judged and national leaders are held up to the harsh light of their actions.  That they are found wanting more often than not is not a new phenomenon.  That their followers continue [...]