Interview with a stranger

He kept his eyes averted and fidgeted when he talked but something I said touched something in him because he came alive with words that tumbled out in a halting, insistent rush to tell me a story he had held on to like a talisman for more than thirty years. "I used to be the [...]


Talking to myself, again

"I'll never amount to anything." "My whole life has been a failure." "I'm no good at anything." "Screw it.  Might as well drink a beer and wait to die."   How many times have I had that creepy negative refrain playing in the background of my brain? How many times have I NOT had that [...]

Talking to the walls

Don't mind me--it's just another day to avoid reflection, to engage in deflection not answer the phone or check the mail, because it's just another day of the same questions over and over from the same faceless drone in an office 200 miles away, getting cocky with impatience It's not my fault you don't know [...]