April showers

 a gauze of memory  wraps my day in a warm cocoon when it gets too shitty outside to keep putting up with shit I remember how the sun coming through the oak leaves made bright splashes on the grass and how they would disappear like magic when clouds floated by I remember the oozing mud [...]


New book draft 2

The sound woke me.  Cracks and booms echoed through my bedroom.  I bolted upright, my heart pounding.  I slowly became aware of another presence and that panicked me. I turned on the light and noticed a body standing at the foot of my bed. "Behold.  Your creation." I rubbed my eyes.  Damnit there was another [...]

New book draft

'She is a lesbian.'  I put down my pen and leaned back.  Time for a drink. The curtains waved with a vengeance.  Smoky, moist, pluff mud breezes had been blowing all evening. From the street below, a tinkle of glass and laughter wafted up to the window.  The outline was finished and that glass of Johnny [...]

Twitter is a psycho girlfriend; Facebook is the spouse in a dead marriage

I like both platforms.  Really, I do.  Facebook was fun when I first joined.  It was exciting to be able to reconnect with old friends and stay in touch with family.  I could have long chats for hours, catching up with everyone, liking their posts, feeling as if I am a part of their lives. [...]

Monday randomness

I heard from someone on facebook the other day that referenced my high school years and expressed admiration for my confidence as an out lesbian at that time.  I was grateful for the interaction and quite taken aback that my abject misery during those years went hidden from everyone.  At 17, I felt like one [...]