The psycho girlfriend revisited and the spouse is still a b****

I'm beginning to understand that facebook is not only an evil spouse but a draggy, boozy, hateful floozy that should be divorced posthaste, but my enabling ass keeps hanging on, making excuses for the egregious behavior in the hopes that she will turn herself around, see what she has turned into, make herself into a [...]


It’s a wonderful life

There's a lady in my neighborhood that walks around the block and waves when she sees me I like her in a neighbor way One night, she knocked on the door and I saw her scalp glistening under the porch light and the sweat making little streams down her face and she was carrying several [...]

The train to nowhere

I saw this sign for a subway line in Manhattan And I remembered a time in life when I was certain that New York was a magical place, full of beautiful people, glamorous restaurants, excitement around the clock And in my small town southern mind, I was sure this Oz was the pinnacle of achievement [...]

A word about racism

Nearly every white person I know has an opinion on racism.  Depending on who you ask, you will get answers all over the map. "Why bring that up? You're just causing trouble!" "This is too big a subject." "I'm not racist." "I'm not racist, but . . . " "I'm definitely not racist.  You are [...]

Fever dreams

The table shines Sunlight slants across the window Heat glimmers up from the sidewalk bright, so bright it hurts.   She touches the table and grips the edges in a bid to hang on to the present even as the present fades to foggy remembered moving so deep and moving so strong  the past shines [...]

Menopause Pee

After a drink or two, I have to go I sit down Nothing happens My bladder has mixed up 3 am with 9 pm Go! Bladder says, meh-maybe I will. Maybe I won't Pro tip: Don't scream at said bladder in a Racetrak restroom Not every woman can embrace truth

Who even knows the mystery?

The Columbus Chronicles, episode 4   We can still smoke in the bar a relief for the reprobates Pretty soon the pine smell is obliterated and a blue haze floats just above our heads We've become animated, my barfly friends and me outside the sun creeps down the west side of the street and brightens [...]