Who even knows the mystery?

The Columbus Chronicles, episode 4   We can still smoke in the bar a relief for the reprobates Pretty soon the pine smell is obliterated and a blue haze floats just above our heads We've become animated, my barfly friends and me outside the sun creeps down the west side of the street and brightens [...]


Talking to the walls

Don't mind me--it's just another day to avoid reflection, to engage in deflection not answer the phone or check the mail, because it's just another day of the same questions over and over from the same faceless drone in an office 200 miles away, getting cocky with impatience It's not my fault you don't know [...]


The house grew dark, heavy with portents and omens Not a breath of air stirred outside in the descending gloom a pause, a holding of the world's breath Thunder marched with cannon booms from thirty miles out, then twenty miles out and then it was on top of the house, descending with a majestic roar [...]